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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer A Photographers Copyright Release?

No. I give you a Photo Printing & Use Release. A Printing & Use Release allows you to take the photos you download to a photo printer of your choice to have them printed and the Use side of it allows you to post on social media. A Copyright Release is only used when a photographer is waiving all rights to his creative work and at which point he or she must destroy all original images from their hard drive. This does not do you any good since you can call me anytime for up to 2 years a request additional copies of your digital files.

What Is The Online Gallery?

The online gallery is a secure page on my website that only you or those you give the password to will have access to. You will see all of your edited photos which you can download up to 4 different sizes / resolutions, share photos to your social media, and you can purchase additional prints of your photos. Your Online Gallery is available for 60 Days after it goes live.

What Is The Mobile App?

The Mobile App is a special feature that is offered with select packages for you to have on your mobile device. You can share the link you will receive with your friends and family for them to enjoy your incredible photoshoot. 

How Long Do You Keep The Photos?

I keep your originals and digital remastered copies for 2 years from the date of the photoshoot. You may request a copy of your photos and there will be a small fee for accessing your compressed files and placing them on a USB Flash Drive.